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  • Initiate phone conversation with cell phone
    When deciding that you would like to talk with someone on the phone, you are encouraged to use a cell phone to initiate phone conversation. Remember, landline pho ... For detail, click here.
  • Is it a rebound?
    Is it a rebound? Now the first thing we need to determine is whether you're dating as a rebound or not. Now if this new person is just the first person that came by, someone y ... For detail, click here.
  • Is your date a real freak?
    You really have to be careful out there. Nice outfits, cool appearance and fun dates is one great thing. But unfortunately, some people can under all that have some perso ... For detail, click here.
  • Is your love growing or just fading away into nothing?
    In the beginning of a relationship where love starts to appear you are inside that special and wonderful "love bubble" and your senses becomes lucid. Everything feels so ... For detail, click here.
  • Is your potential partner truly ready to begin a new relationship?
    There's nothing more heartbreaking than to be pursued by a potential partner who says they are ready to find their match and settle in... Only to have them realize weeks ... For detail, click here.
  • It is important to say when you love someone
    When u love someone it is important to say it, but more important to demonstrate it. When words fade, actions remain. So don't be as concerned about the definition as you ... For detail, click here.
  • Long-term relationship is built on the quality of the lasting friendship
    We come to a dating site in the hope of experiencing a great connection, and often in search of a long term relationship. In this 'numbers game' of dating it is helpful t ... For detail, click here.
  • Love at first email (used to be first sight)
    As much as everyone would like to believe in "love at first sight", the truth is that in this day and age, you need to be overly cautious when someone says they have" fa ... For detail, click here.
  • Loving yourself unconditionally will help you love others the same
    Unconditional love is loving without limitations, conditions or reservations. It is based on an attitude of complete acceptance which means you decide to love other peopl ... For detail, click here.
  • Lower expectations and give the relationship time to blossom
    When you first start dating someone new, limit the amount of initial expectations. There may be a few things you must have, such as being respected. Beyond that, one shou ... For detail, click here.
  • Only you know you
    Firstly, no matter how much you love someone ever, never trust 100% with all your heart. If you trust someone with everything, the chances of getting back up from the hea ... For detail, click here.
  • Openly Communicate
    Honesty and Truth will take you farther in love and life than anything you could imagine. Being able to know yourself honestly will aid you in getting to know others. Sha ... For detail, click here.
  • Opposites can attract!
    Even though you may be looking for a person who has some same traits and interests, I believe that opposites can attract. Someone who is very opposite from you may be you ... For detail, click here.
  • Please keep it real
    My advice may sound so cliche & may seem like a no-brainer, however, this is the most crucial element that will either make or break your relationship. This element is TRUST. ... For detail, click here.
  • Properly use endearing words ("baby", "love", "dear", etc).
    If you are the type of person to use endearing words liberally ("baby", "love", "dear", etc), politely ask your muse, date, interest, o ... For detail, click here.
  • Respect and communication: Keys to a successful relationship
    In the few years that I've dated, I've learned that the key to upholding a successful relationship is: Respect and Effective Communication. Though not an expert, I can te ... For detail, click here.
  • S-words you need to know !!!
    Sorting what you want in a relationship can be simple. The following are the S-words that most men are concerned with in no particular order. Each man decides on his own ... For detail, click here.
  • Seven steps formula for searching and finding that person online
    This only applies to those trying to find true love, not those just playing around. First I do not know anything about online dating because I do not do it. I hav ... For detail, click here.
  • Share decisions with the girl
    During a date it is typically better if you share decisions with the girl on food, movie, or anything else that applies. That way both of you will have equal stan ... For detail, click here.
  • Six Simple Dating Steps
    Before you give any contact information, chat or email the person you are interested in for at least 2-3 weeks to see where his/her head is. When you do ... For detail, click here.

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