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  • Be a gentlemen on a date
    Pull her chair out for her and make sure she is seated happily.Use proper English. Brush your teeth before the date and also use some gum. Pay for everything. Whe ... For detail, click here.
  • Be a masculine man in woman's point of view
    Girls are insecure by nature and are looking for a partner who can keep them safe and protect them. As a woman I've thought about the statement above and I believe this i ... For detail, click here.
  • Be open to ask more questions before meeting
    When looking at someones profile, look and read carefully, be open and ask questions that you might feel a little forward. But in the long run, sometimes they nee ... For detail, click here.
  • Be polite even if you are not interested
    Please be polite and courteous by sending a short e-mail saying that although you thank them for their interest, you believe that you would not be compatible. ... For detail, click here.
  • Be positive
    There is nothing more unattractive then someone who is not positive. If you read a profile and it has nothing but everything you are not looking then there is no ... For detail, click here.
  • Be yourself
    If its love you are after, when dating, please be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone you are not. It will be even harder to love freely, happily because you wi ... For detail, click here.
  • Being a perfect gentleman on a date does have its advantages
    Men, ladies are stereotyped as the chatty ones, but when on dates it is really good for you guys to initiate questions and conversation. Please do not leave all ... For detail, click here.
  • Being genuine tip
    Being Genuine Tip An important factor when having a genuine interest in someone is to remember things about them and to listen. During chat sessions or email we often reveal ... For detail, click here.
  • Being open and vulnerable in the advanced relationship
    In my last relationship, my partner often complained that, with respect to our intimacy, I was never "open and vulnerable". I got frustrated when she could not define it ... For detail, click here.
  • Confidence is sexy
    Don't be intimidated by looks. If you see someone smoking hot and want to get to know them better, don't shy away. The best thing you can do is walk up to them as ... For detail, click here.
  • Control your anger
    1.The very first thing you want to do is rationalize the situation. Did the person you're angry at really cause something to happen or are you just mad at the sit ... For detail, click here.
  • Do not talk sexual on here, it places you in that category
    When a man begins to go in the direction of suggestive sexual comments he is interviewing to see if you are a candidate. If you start to give him what he is looking for t ... For detail, click here.
  • Don't act to be cheapness
    Cheapness of behavior has nothing to do with lack of money. A millionaire can be cheaper than the poorest person in town. Cheapness is exemplified in the person who ... For detail, click here.
  • Don't be over aggressive or try to hard
    I love a man with good manner and that knows how to treat a lady. But however I don't like a man that is to persistent. I like a more so go with the flow kinda guy. If yo ... For detail, click here.
  • Don't judge a book by its cover!
    There is more to people than money, clothes, and fancy cars. Yeah all of that is nice to have but deep down we all are people that deserve happiness and love. ... For detail, click here.
  • Don't leave your drink unattended at the table or bar
    If you agree to meet a man, do not leave your drink unattended at the table or bar to use the restroom returning and continue drinking that drink. Chances are without rea ... For detail, click here.
  • Don't lie
    Whatever you do, no matter what, do not lie. Don't leave out information or spin the real truth about yourself. Many lose out on something great when they lie. It will ca ... For detail, click here.
  • Don't pretend to be someone else when you date.
    The leading cause of divorce is that when people date before the marriage they are someone else. I have been a victim of this. I went out with a guy for three weeks and ... For detail, click here.
  • Don't ruin your chance with a girl
    If there is anything that ruins a guy's chance with a girl, is saying the wrong things, and talking about the wrong things in front of them. Here are a couple rul ... For detail, click here.
  • Dont's on a date
    Indecisive: Make up your mind about: what do you want to order, where do you wanna go, what do you wanna do in life in general. It's much more impressive. Un ... For detail, click here.

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