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  • As soon as you feel as if your relationship is no longer working out
    As soon as you feel as if your relationship is no longer working out, it's best to either talk it out with your partner or end it as soon as possible. Continuing to be with ... For detail, click here.
  • Before you reject someone, maybe give them a second chance
    After one date, if they don't call back, don't take it personally. They don't know you. It's hard because even if you think the date went great, they still don't know you ... For detail, click here.
  • Follow the Golden Rule
    When rejecting or ending a relationship, it's important to do so in a manner that is consistent with how you would like to be treated. If rejecting an email, write it as ... For detail, click here.
  • If you can't handle face-to-face ending of a relationship, at least do it by a call.
    Always be respectful in how you reject or end a relationship Rejecting: Rejecting someone is never easy and should be handled with grace and respect for the other p ... For detail, click here.
  • Keep it simple, short and sweet!
    When the time comes to say goodbye to someone and you have to end the relationship, keeping it simple is the best way to go. Be sure to use "I" statements such as, "I ... For detail, click here.
  • Let potential matches know quickly if they don't get you going
    Not everyone you come in contact with is meant to be a part of your life longer than they have. In your lifetime you will meet tens, if not hundreds, of interested people ... For detail, click here.

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