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  • Check the history of the people you are meeting
    There are many people out there with some serious skeletons in their closet, and not the rattling bones kind. I'm wanting to stress the importance of getting a backgroun ... For detail, click here.
  • Conduct background checks
    It's always good to conduct a background check before you take a relationship any further. This is to make sure that you aren't dating violent criminals, drug dealers, or ... For detail, click here.
  • Conduct due diligence, yourself, on prospective dates
    I am a private detective. I have been hired by people who believed they were being scammed by people on dating sites - they were - and I am also a user of dating sites. ... For detail, click here.
  • How to protect yourself and check if he or she is for real?
    Have you ever received an e-mail or been favored by what appears to be the man of your dreams only to have him disappear? Don't take it too hard. Stick with the ver ... For detail, click here.
  • Is he /she a criminal? Find out free & easy!
    As we grow closer in a relationship hopefully we are building trust as well. but unfortunately there are people out there who have a criminal history that you need ... For detail, click here.
  • Real Or Just An Illusion - A Brief Look Into Image Search And Looking Into Your Potential Partners Images
    Although many people are completely real and above board we live in an age where many people start with and upload pictures of other people and use them on their online profil ... For detail, click here.
  • Reg flags if inconsistencies in their story
    As your conversation progresses, look for inconsistencies in their story. The longer one lies, the more likely one is to trip up and forget all the details of every lie t ... For detail, click here.
  • Reg flags if no Google footprint
    You don't have to be famous to be on Google these days. If you have any social media account chances are you are "Googleable". If you have a phone... you are Googleable. ... For detail, click here.
  • Verify email and phone # before meeting in person
    Before meeting someone in person exchange personal email addresses and telephone numbers. Verify these are actual addresses/phone numbers. After obtaining that informatio ... For detail, click here.

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