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  • Get to know before the "talk" and be prepared for any possible reactions
    When meeting or dating someone for the first time that has not tested positive for an STD it is important to begin the relationship on a friendship basis. Its important t ... For detail, click here.
  • Carry a condom around with you
    So, you found out your status and now that the smoke has cleared you are ready to get back on the dating scene. Only difference is you have to tread the waters lightly. I ... For detail, click here.
  • 3 Steps to tell the truth
    It's not easy discussing our situation. Who do you tell? When do you tell them? How do you say it? These and many more questions come to mind when we meet someone that br ... For detail, click here.
  • Always tell the truth
    First of all I have Genital Herpes. I met this guy, he pursued me. I knew after our first date that I liked him. By our second date it was a mutual feeling for both of us ... For detail, click here.
  • Be calm, confident and knowledgable
    When you are ready to disclose make sure you are in a place where both you and your potential partner feel comfortable - this can be a heavy conversation, and you both want t ... For detail, click here.
  • Be careful who you tell. it's best to join a community you can count on.
    You will hear several different theories about this and how to approach it. It really depends on several things including but not limited to environment ( rural,urban, socia ... For detail, click here.
  • Be honest and sincere when dating someone without an std
    I first contracted genital herpes after an ex and I engaged in oral sex followed by intercourse, neither of us are sure who gave it to who but we know that there was no infed ... For detail, click here.
  • Breaking the news
    Honest and open communication with potential sexual partners is very important. Having to tell someone you have genital herpes can be an extremely embarrassing and worryi ... For detail, click here.
  • Breaking the ice on your std
    When meeting someone new I found that if you like a person then you don't share your situation with them at first. Now when I say not at first I mean let the person get t ... For detail, click here.
  • Choose the best occasion for breaking the "news" and prepare to fully educate on your condition
    When first meeting someone you don't want to break the news about your condition right off the bat. Give it a few meetings to make sure you are really interested in that ... For detail, click here.

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