How to Start Earning Commissions:

Step 1: Copy your promotional links from the HOME page.

Step 2: Paste your promotional links into your TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube bio or about page. You can also include your promotional link in any posts you make.

Step 3: Promote your affiliate link with great content for your followers. Make Reels, TikToks or YouTube videos about your experience with our brand and how our brand has helped you! Talking to your followers about your link is a great way to engage people!

Step 4: Send all of your promotional materials (videos, audio, pictures, text, etc.) to your account manager before putting your content online. We'll help you improve your posts and maximize your performance.

Bonus Tip: Get creative and add a call-to-action with your link! Add simple messages like, "Meet your partner NOW" or "Get into the dating game!" to encourage people to click.

Lastly, it takes time to get users engaged. Try multiple promotional methods and post regularly. The more you promote, the better the outcome. Good luck!

Promoting Method Ideas for Affiliates

  1. Add our banner to your website, blog, email signature and anywhere users may be able to click online.
  2. Share and promote our brands on social media to influence friends and followers.
  3. Invite friends and acquaintances to visit and register.
  4. Write and share blogs on popular sites about your experience with our brands.
  5. Don't forget to include your link!
  6. Interact with relevant groups on forums like Facebook or Reddit and promote your link there.
  7. Use business cards and flyers to promote your link at social events.
  8. You can leave your flyers and business cards at local coffee shops, churches, libraries and other public spaces.
  9. Advertise our site on Google or Yahoo.
  10. Join a local dating Meetup group and share your experience with the site.
  11. Make TikTok and YouTube videos about our service and add your promotional link.
  12. Ask your friends with large followings on TikTok or YouTube to promote your link or join our affiliate program.